Upcoming Event: Serving Together: Helping not Hindering

with Becky Khan

Our second seminar for 2023 is ‘Serving Together: Helping not Hindering’ with  speaker Becky Khan.

All ministry situations are unique and dynamic. So are our marriages and families! In the nitty-gritty, daily rhythms of our lives and situations, how can we genuinely help our husbands’ ministries to thrive, not choke?

This practical session will look at the reality of serving the church together in the midst of sickness, financial strain, personal struggles with the role, the pressures of parenting and interacting with so many people. 

Take an hour and a half with Becky Khan and your ministry wife peers to: reflect on and share what is working, identify where there are places to change, and delve into Biblical truths that we can lean on while navigating this unique, challenging role of ‘helping’.

We hope you can join us either Thursday evening at Southside Presbyterian Church, Eight Mile Plains (note the new venue) or Friday morning at City North Baptist Church, Kedron. Please register for this event on the home page.

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