Term 1

Sneaky Sins.
Kate Snell.

Thursday 28th & Friday 29th March.

Some sins are sneakier than others. Envy and gluttony are like that.  They express themselves in different ways but have the same result. Sometimes they make us feel momentarily better. Sometimes they leave us feeling discontent. We’ll explore how these sins sneak up on us, how they hinder our ability to minister and how we can trust God when we feel insecure or inadequate.

Term 2

Love, Tears and Autism.
Cecily Paterson.

Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th May.

Cecily Paterson is the author of Love, Tears & Autism, a memoir about Cecily’s experiences of autism in her family. It’s an honest account of the challenges of raising a child with constant meltdowns and massive anxiety attacks, and the grief of lost dreams for them. Seven years on from the book, Cecily will discuss her original experiences, share the things that improved her son’s life and give an update on the Patterson household. She will also talk about how churches can help support families who have a child living with autism.

Term 3

Friendship in a Broken World. 
Caitlin Orr.

Thursday 29th & Friday 30th August.

They say loneliness is more dangerous to our health than smoking two packets of cigarettes a day. And yet, in our churches many people are lonely. We want our churches to be real communities of love and support, and so we’ll be thinking about what the bible says about friendship, how to respond as Christians when friendship fails or friends hurt us, and also talk practically about how to make friends in a broken world.