Recommended Reading

The below are really useful ideas developed by Mary Milne, a ministry wife in Sydney.

But there are lots of different things your group could do. Especially initially, you might like to discuss a suitable ministry book agreed upon by the group and pray together, or listen to some short talks specifically addressing issues that ministry wives face.

Some book suggestions:

  • One With a Shepherd by Mary Somerville –see here for some extensive discussion questions written by Connie Dever (Mark Dever’s wife)
  • 10 Things every Minister’s Wife needs to Know by Jeana Floyd
  • The Minister’s Wife – Privilege, Pressures and Pitfalls  by Anne Benton
  • I’m more than the Pastor’s Wife – Authentic Living in a Fishbowl World by Lorna Dobson

Please let us know of other books you have found helpful.