What to do in a support group

If you’re not in a ministry wives discussion group, maybe now is the time to start! Especially if you think you haven’t got time for one!!! Here’s a few thoughts to get you started:

  • Try to meet once a month or two
  • Try to meet up at a time and place where you are freed from the distraction of small children, phone calls etc
  • Have something concrete to discuss, but something that involves little or no preparation. You could start with one of the series from the In Tandem blog – see below for descriptions of some of their series. They are short and great discussion starters.
  • Allow time for praying for one another
  • Still not sure if it’s worth the effort? Why not read this short article Not Quickly Broken by Mary Hee about the why’s and how’s of being in a support group. A Christian psychiatrist also discusses the health benefits of being in a support group. Click here for the full article.
  • If you’d like to be networked with another women or a small group for support in ministry life, please contact us.

Some things to get you thinking from Mary Milne, a ministry wife in Sydney:

Structure for a Support Group Meeting

  • Have a simple lunch together or morning/afternoon tea – depending on what time of the day you meet.  Keep it simple, then it’s not too hard to maintain.
  • Bible reading – and have a brief discussion – Take turns reading the bible and discussing it (remember some might not be willing).
  • The purpose of this group is not a bible study, as we all belong to a bible study group elsewhere.  However we do want to remind each other that Christ is the centre of our discussion and friendship.
  • Pray about the passage – usually the person who has just read it.
  • Ask the group what praise points and issues they have brought to the group today.  You can go around and ask for a quick summary, so you can prioritise who goes first.  Or you can ask the group to rate their issue out of ten, and then you go from highest to lowest.  If people don’t bring an issue that’s ok, they will when they are ready.
  • (We have praise points and issues because of Philippians 4:6 to be thankful as we present our request to God)
  • After each person has shared, get someone to pray for that person before moving onto the next.

Explanation of:   “issues brought to the support group”

  • It is up to the group member to bring an issue to discuss each month.
  • Any incident that happened that you want to get off your chest.
  • Something you are anxious or worried about.
  • Answered prayers.
  • Praise points
  • An aspect of your life you are working on, and need prayer for.
  • A discovery you have made about yourself.
  • You might be seeking advice on a particular issue.
  •  Anything at all to do with your life as a MW and mother.

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