Speakerbox is designed to provide Christian women who aim to preach and teach biblically with an opportunity to develop their practical skills.

Speaker box encourages preaching that is expository, evangelical or cross-cultural.  Three times a year, Speakerbox provides women the opportunity to give a talk with:

* Feedback from an experienced mentor on the speaker’s written draft
* An evening ‘event’ where the speaker is able to present to a small group of women

* Written audience feedback and specific feedback from the experienced mentor on the night.  Speakerbox is all about having the freedom to fail or fly, surrounded by women equally keen to grow in the love of God’s Word.  If you organise women’s, want to encourage women in their teaching skills, want to try preaching, or have some preaching experience, then you are highly valuable to the Speakerbox community.

Contact them for details or application forms:

Facebook: facebook.com/groups/speakerbox
Email: speakerboxbrisbane@gmail.com

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